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SheLeads: Meet Arafa Ibrahim Siraj Khamis

SheLeads is a month-long blog series highlighting the voices of some of iACT's amazing female leaders from across the globe. You’ll hear from soccer coaches, education directors, and program coordinators as they discuss the impact of displacement on their lives and the power women hold as leaders in their communities.
Arafa Ibrahim Siraj Khamis

Little Ripples Coordinator, Mile

My name is Arafa Ibrahim Siraj Khamis. I am married and have five children. My profession is Little Ripples coordinator.

What is something that brings you joy in your week?

When I present my work completely and see all the children happy from studying.

Why did you choose to become a coordinator with Little Ripples?

To gain experience and skills in management and to learn charity and honesty.

What is your favorite thing about working with other female teachers?

It is that the children’s education goes well and that every teacher presents her duty towards the children in full.

What does it mean to you as a woman to be a leader in your community?

It is one of her rights and she can manage and solve all the issues that are right in her society.

What qualities do you think make women good leaders?

To be educated, courageous, and possess patience, awareness, and perceptive experiences in the first place.

Why is it important for women to be leaders in their communities?

It is because they have an important role to be leaders in their societies. After all, they are always patient, worthy, caring, and present among families and societies.

What advice would you give to young girls in your community?

To take care of themselves and have an interest in education.

Who is a woman in your life that inspires you?

My mother.


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