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SheLeads: Meet Dar al Salam Issag

SheLeads is a month-long blog series highlighting the voices of some of iACT's amazing female leaders from across the globe. You’ll hear from soccer coaches, education directors, and program coordinators as they discuss the impact of displacement on their lives and the power women hold as leaders in their communities.
Dar al Salam Issag

Education Director, Refugee Camp Touloum, Chad

Why did you choose to become an education director with Little Ripples?

We want our children's education to advance, and education to advance even more than that.

What is your favorite thing about working with other female teachers in Little Ripples?

The other teachers, meeting with and explaining the program to them and adults to ensure that children get their rights.

What does it mean to you as a woman to be a leader in your community?

It is my right to express myself more than people who do not know that men and women are equal in life and at home.

What is something that brings you joy in the week?

Visiting teachers and meeting with teachers, and we explain it more in teaching children.

What has the conflict in Darfur meant for you as a woman?

It means displacing children, afflictions, and women, and it creates a lot of problems in Darfur.

What qualities do you think make women good leaders?

We learn how to be better leaders with empathy. You can recognize your feelings and needs and understand them. Self-compassion is also about being kind and understanding of yourself.


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