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SheLeads: Meet Feidangai Ghislaine

SheLeads is a month-long blog series highlighting the voices of some of iACT's amazing female leaders from across the globe. You’ll hear from soccer coaches, education directors, and program coordinators as they discuss the impact of displacement on their lives and the power women hold as leaders in their communities.


Refugees United Soccer Academy Coach, Cameroon

My name is Feidangai Ghislaine. I am an iACT coach, and I am a refugee in Cameroon precisely on the site of Gado-Badzéré. I am a married mother of three children ages eight, three years and eight months, plus I have three children in my charge, two boys of 16 years old and a girl of 10 years old. This is really hard on me.

What is something in your week that brings you joy?

When I am with my children and when I train with my players.

Why did you choose to become a coach with RUSA?

Because I want to support children in the field of education. It has been my focus since my childhood.

Ghislaine sitting on the dirt doing a leg side stretch with her players in a line behind her copying the stretch.
Ghislaine leading stretches with her RUSA players.

What is your favorite thing about coaching young girls in soccer?

I want young girls to be brave and aware to avoid forced marriages and early pregnancies.

What has the conflict in your home country meant for you as a woman?

As a woman this conflict for me is something that is really disgusting. For me, it has spoiled everything like education, blocking activities, harming the lives of humans, and destroying property. It is really very very inaccessible for me.

What does it mean to you as a woman to be a leader in your community?

It's a good thing for me to educate young people for the future of tomorrow.

What qualities do you think make women good leaders?

A good woman must remain posed, worthy, respectful, honest, clean, wise, and capable of defending her society.

Why is it important for women to be leaders in their communities?

Women leaders are very important. It's a good thing for the woman to be a leader in the community because it’s women who give birth, it's women who carry the pregnancy for nine months. So women must also have the right to education.

Who is a woman that inspired you in your life?

My mother.

What advice would you give young girls in your community?

The advice I have to give to young girls: respect towards the Almighty and mutual respect. And do not neglect your studies.


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