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The Ripples are Real

This blog was originally posted on Little Ripples by Felicia Lee. 

My eyes filled up with tears today. Now, don’t go feeling bummed out yet. I wasn’t on the verge of crying because I was having a moment of despondency over the “plight of refugees,” or so the oft-used phrase goes. This isn’t going to be that kind of blog entry. The tears I had were the kind that come from being carried to a place of pride and confidence, through experiencing what our refugee friends are affecting in the lives of young children.

LR student practicing mindfulness

On our last trip, we held intense training for all the Little Ripples teachers, and one area covered was mindfulness. The teachers had already been doing some quick mindfulness movements with their classes, but this training delved into further detail and emphasis on the importance of this practice, as well as suggested additional exercises. What a long way the teachers have come, from that trip to this one! This morning’s mindfulness sessions at the Ponds were calm, unhurried, quiet, and permeated the atmosphere with wavelengths of peace. Our preschool program is called “Little Ripples” because of its “ripples” of effect into the surrounding community and beyond—and talk about ripples! As the students practiced mindfulness today, the feeling of serenity radiated out into all who looked on, including neighborhood adults and children who had stopped in out of curiosity about our visit. It was beautifully stirring.

My eyes were filled with tears today because my heart was filled with gratification and with gratitude.

Thank you, Little Ripples teachers, for allowing me to be privy to such tangible change that you are creating. Thank you, iACT family, for the same.

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