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To Change the World, Be Radical


rad·i·cal adjective \?ra-di-k?l\ : very new and different from what is traditional or ordinary : very basic and important : having extreme political or social views that are not shared by most people

Living right by the beach in Southern California, I hear the word “radical” quite often. Sometimes, since it’s such a long word, it gets cut down to the even cooler three letters, “rad.” Waves are described as radical, and I’m not a surfer, but I agree. A skateboarding move, new board shorts, and even the weather can be rad!

I feel fortunate to live surrounded by radical. Then I go on trips to eastern Chad, and radical takes on a whole new meaning. The experiences can be extreme and radical, like having bullets flying around during a military coup or driving around roadless, remote areas, where only camels live. But, when we make it to the refugee camps and stand side by side with our Darfuri friends, working on programs that, in the most basic of ways, look to end cycles of violence and exclusion, there is only one way to describe the change we are looking for: RADICAL.