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Today’s Purpose

Editor’s note: This was originally posted on by i-ACT Director of Programs Sara-Christine Dallain.

Now boarding at Goz Beida Airport.

Now boarding at Goz Beida Airport.

Every day has its own purpose and a story to be lived. Today was a story of traveling to Eastern Chad. After two plane rides, some fist clenching turbulence, a layer of sweat and dust, two granola bars, and a minor sandstorm, we made it to Goz Beida!! And I couldn’t be happier to be here. Seriously. It’s as if the second my feet stepped off that humanitarian plane, something inside of me ignited, and a little voice inside my head whispered, “game time.”  Well, it is game time. We’ll be kicking off the tryouts at sunrise tomorrow morning! I’ll be assisting Coach Margo in the tryouts, doing my best to support her and the guys in order to form the best team possible. However, I think my favorite part of these next few days here in Djabal will be the time spent with players: just hanging out, getting to know them and their individual personalities and listening to their stories. I mean, what could be better after a long day of tryouts then to sit under the shade of a tree and talk story with a bunch of young, aspiring footballers from Darfur!? That said, having the opportunity to help train these guys and watch them play is quite a perk too! So stay tuned, we’ll have lots to show you from the tryouts and beyond. We’ll be rising when its still dark to hit the pitch early tomorrow morning and to officially begin the Darfur United journey, 2014.   [new_royalslider id=”32″]


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