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Unidos Podemos! (United We Can!)

The first morning in Senda de Vida 1, as the coach candidates began setting up cones and preparing the space for soccer skills practice, a few iACT team members walked around the shelter to talk to parents about the new soccer academy. Pastor Lilly, our new Academy Coordinator in Reynosa, answered questions in Spanish and Sara-Christine in French. A group of moms from Haiti stood in a circle around Sara-Christine in disbelief, “Are you serious?” they asked. “This is really happening?” Their excitement was palpable. They couldn’t believe there would be a safe, playful, maybe even healing sports program for their children.

Two young boys join in a circle with the soccer coaches to practice passing drills.
Two young boys join the coaches for drills. (Note: we won't be showing the faces of children in Reynosa for their safety.)

iACT left no doubt about coming back to Reynosa to launch its first Refugees United Soccer Academy (RUSA) in Latin America after a “listening and learning” trip in January. Sara-Christine was clear about the commitment to act, “...having been there, witnessing the experience of people–hearing the stories of why they left their homes, their journey to get to the border, AND their experience at the border waiting–there is no question why iACT will show up and support.”