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Children playing hopscotch with parent in head dress in Africa - iAct

Partner. Resource. Amplify.

Join iACT in our mission to resource and partner with people affected by war and conflict, to amplify their voices and create opportunities for them to thrive.


The current humanitarian system was not built to respond to ongoing displacement.

Its traditional top-down approach no longer suffices in a world that demands solutions that are sustainable, dignified, and led by those directly affected.

Refugee Camp - iAct

1 in 6 people worldwide were exposed to conflict in 2023. (ACLED)

67% of refugees are living in protracted crises and have been displaced for more than five years. (DRC)

In 2022, less than 1% of international humanitarian funding went to refugee-led organizations. (HPG Report)


For 15 years, iACT has seen the answer in the people themselves.

iACT programs are grounded in a community-led approach, shifting power and ownership to those most impacted.

African Women in Refugee Camp - iAct


We do this by listening deeply to their needs, then together, we create safe and joyful programs that include preschools, soccer academies, employment opportunities, and training, all led by the affected communities themselves.

Playing soccer at Refugee camp in Africa - iACt

iACT’s Refugees United Soccer Academy (RUSA) blends skills, drills, and team-building exercises with mindfulness and wellbeing for children ages 6 to 13. RUSA is community-led, promotes gender equality, and creates leadership opportunities.

Little Ripples group hug - Children in African refugee camp - iAct

iACT’s Little Ripples (LR) preschool program for children ages 3 to 5 is rooted in the belief that educational programs that are evidence-based, trauma-informed, and play-based can be accessible and adaptable to any context, and can be led by the community itself.

Man in Africa going to Refugee Camp - iAct

“I feel a big responsibility towards iACT’s future in order to make [iACT founder Gabriel’s] vision continue. And not only me, there are thousands of people iACT saved their lives and helped them. They created a football team and built preschools, sports academies and the positive thing is they appointed only the refugees as employees in all these programs and livelihood projects, too so that they are refugee-led.”

Murtada Haroun Adam

Be part of hope in action.

iACT is powered by our passionate community of volunteers and supporters. We value every person and their capacity to help in ways both large and small. It brings us joy to create opportunities for all people to take action.

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