Help break the cycle of violence for communities affected by mass atrocities.
Support iACT’s work to identify new solutions that can be co-created, managed, and led by refugees.


17 years

is the average length of stay for a refugee in a refugee camp


Darfur refugees living in eastern Chad

21 million

refugees worldwide


refugee camps in eastern Chad


Your support is an investment in iACT’s ideas, people, and belief that humanitarian aid can meet the needs of refugees while being dynamic, refugee-led, transparent, and impactful.

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Refugee-led On the Ground Action Continues

Refugee-led On the Ground Action Continues

"Hi friends. I wanted to thank all the iACT team in the world starting with that of the United States followed by that of Chad, that of Tanzania and that of Greece including those who work with iACT in the four corners of the world because they are whole to help...

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Intern Spotlight: Nisha Porchezhiyan

Intern Spotlight: Nisha Porchezhiyan

“iACT because this organization focuses on community empowerment within refugee camps in order to build long term sustainability instead of using the classic top down approach that reinforces the power dynamic between the West and refugees.”

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