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Adventures in Chad: Interview with DU Coach Ambassador Bridget Grant


Over the past few years of traveling with iACT to eastern Chad, I’ve had the opportunity to meet and work alongside a diverse group of team members. For the implementation and development of our programs, we enlist experts across different fields to join us on our trips to the camps. For this trip, iACT22, we have Darfur United Ambassador Bridget Grant with us to train and select four new refugee coaches and open iACT’s third DUSA in camp Goz Amer. Here’s a brief conversation I had with Bridget on her experiences thus far in camp Goz Amer.

Sara-Christine: Bridget, as this is your first time in Chad, what did you think of the travel from the capital to the east of the country?

Bridget Grant: Well, after being stuck in the capital for so many days, it j