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This morning, we experienced yet another happy reunion when our assessment team arrived (early!) for a review session. Yippee! Everyone remembered to bring all his/her materials, and some were even wearing their badges. When we got down to business, it quickly became evident that each person had retained what was learned in April, and my confidence in this team found solid ground. I was also impressed, yet unsurprised, that the women and men showed that they still maintain an understanding of the importance and necessity of their work.

One of my favorite parts of the morning was when we shared any life events that had taken place during our time apart from each other. We found out that a few of them had either gotten married or given birth since the last time we met! When it was my turn to share, and I couldn’t think of any major changes that had occurred in my life, almost the entire team yelled out, “Your haircut!” It touched me that my old friends remembered my