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iACT Featured in the LA Times



November 9, 2022

iACT Featured in the LA Times: “A year after the death of iACT founders, their legacy continues to grow”

LOS ANGELES, NOVEMBER 9, 2022 - iACT, an LA-based international action organization daring to imagine a more mindful humanitarian system, was featured in the LA Times to mark the anniversary of the passing of their Founder Gabriel Stauring and Executive Director Katie-Jay Scott. The LA Times’ Kevin Baxter detailed how the non-profit organization has not only stabilized, but begun to thrive in the year since.

“Stauring and Scott, married 11 years, had been working in refugee camps longer than that, bringing soccer — and hope — to more than 36,000 people in 20 countries. Sara-Christine Dallain, who had worked beside them much of that time, was determined not to let their lives’ work die.”