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iACT’s New Partnership with Dana Abraham, a children’s author

iACT is excited to announce our partnership with Dana Abraham, author of the children’s book In the Arms of the Grandmother Tree. We were connected with Dana after learning about how the book’s themes parallel iACT’s practice of incorporating trauma-recovery approach, restorative practice, social-emotional learning, empathy development, positive behavior management, peacebuilding, and mindfulness into our educational programs. Dana’s website states, “this book connects children with the peace, joy, and love that lives inside themselves, and helps build emotional strength, resilience, and happiness.” In the Arms of the Grandmother Tree has been vetted by psychologists to ensure the book is trauma-informed and helps promote healing and recovery.

iACT will now include the book, In the Arms of the Grandmother Tree, into two of our program’s curricula: Global Citizens and Little Ripples.

  1. Global Citizens is iACT’s universal preschool curriculum that connects children ages three to five with their peers living in refugee camps. Learn more about Global Citizens here.

  2. Little Ripples is iACT’s early childhood development program that empowers refugees and communities affected by humanitarian crises to implement child-centered, quality, and comprehensive pre-primary education. Learn more about Little Ripples here.

In the Arms of the Grandmother Tree will now be incorporated into both of the program’s set of resources (this set includes teaching and learning materials such as books, posters, toys, etc.).

Since iACT’s Little Ripples programs are running in multiple refugee camps/sites in Chad, Cameroon, Tanzania, the Central African Republic, and Greece, translation of the book will be underway. Dana’s book is already translated into Spanish, Braille, and German. She graciously offered to help us with translation efforts. During iACT’s next trip to Chad, we will find a reliable and compassionate translator who will help translate the book for Little Ripples students. Dana also mentioned that she will publish the translator’s name within the finished version, which we think will help build community excitement and ownership.

Look out for further announcements and news regarding this partnership! Be sure to check out Dana’s website for more information on her book.


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