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Meet the Preschool Teachers of Central African Republic

It’s been a privilege for us to get to know the men and women preschool teachers who are participating in our Little Ripples teacher training and joining our Little Ripples family. They’ve taught us so much about their country, their daily life, and the needs of the children in their community. We still have a couple more days with them, but we’re already looking ahead and eager for this group to help us train more preschool teachers in Bangui and its surrounding villages. Feel free to leave a comment at the bottom of this blog and we’ll share your words with the teachers!

Here are some of the men and women participating in Little Ripples training:

1. Florence Florence was raised by her grandmother. Her favorite memories as young girl is listening to her grandmother tell her stories. She said everyday after school, her grandmother would prepare her a snack and tell her stories.

2. Viviane Viviane is a mother of eight children. She is proud to tell us that her three oldest are all at University. Viviane said she loves to be at home, washing dishes and clothe and taking care of her family.

3. Judi Judi remembers fondly as a boy watching soccer on television and the day that his father bought him a soccer ball so he could learn to play.

4. Hortance Hortance if a mother of five and visibly passionate about learning. When Hortance was a little girl, her favorite toy was a doll. She remembers how much she loved dressing and taking care of her doll.

5. Irma When Irma speaks about her childhood, she remembers how much she loved going to school and how excited she was to learn.

6. Claudia Claudia says matter-of-factly that she is a sports player. Growing up she played soccer with the boys. She loves sports.

7. Chimene Chimene loves to be at home spending time with her family, and sitting around and talking with her kids. It’s also a positive memory she has of her own childhood.

8. Teddy Teddy loves soccer! He’s been playing since his father bought him a ball when he was young. Teddy is also great at singing and dancing, and often leads our group in song and dance during training.


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