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Reasons to Celebrate


This was the first time this trip that we officially gathered the teachers. Over mango sodas and Coca-Colas, we spent a couple hours celebrating their accomplishments. It was inspiring to see the quiet expression of pride on each of their faces as we told these young ladies of how people in America know about them and the hard work they put into the Little Ripples preschool. We told them about the OpenIDEO competition and about how, because of them, Little Ripples was chosen out of almost 400 entrants as one of the top refugee education programs in the world. The best part of the meeting was when we handed out cards, letters, drawings, photos, and books given to us by U.S. supporters to bring to the teachers. It is hard at times to get some of them to crack a smile before they feel completely comfortable to let loose, but laughter was quick to come today when the ladies looked through the handwritten and hand-drawn gifts. What a joy it was to witness the confident happiness of the extremely able Little Ripples educators! What a privilege it was to have the opportunity to pass along such tangible pieces of encouragement and love.

During this celebration, we also gave the teachers more information about the Ponds (in-home preschool centers) we are soon opening. Over the last two days, we checked on the homes we’ve picked out for the first three centers, and today we finalized details with our construction crew, which is made up of refugees from the camp. Tomorrow will be truly exciting: not only are we going to “soft-open” the