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The First Refugee-Led Expansion of Little Ripples has Begun!

With funding support from Tahani, Jack, and their mindfulness community, Darfuri refugees in the eastern region of Chad are preparing for the launch of two new Little Ripples (LR) Ponds in Goz Amer refugee camp. After a LR school was first launched in the camp in 2013, iACT has since then facilitated the implementation of six additional LR Ponds (a sustainable in-home preschool setting) in Goz Amer. With the help of the camp’s veteran teachers, educational director, and program coordinator, iACT’s Chad team will facilitate the launch of the new Ponds in two new zones. This is an entirely refugee-led expansion of LR in Goz Amer. The Chad team will lead this entire process; from the construction of the Ponds, to teacher selection and student enrollment, the refugee team will manage all aspects of the launch and running of the program. 

The Chad team has already begun the process of launching the Ponds by scouting potential zones in the camp. When figuring out where a new Pond will operate, the Chad team needs to know how many children ages 3 – 5 reside in the zone. Since a Pond is constructed inside the home of a family, they also survey potential homes within the zone. The homes need to have enough open space to accommodate 45 – 50 children, be well-kept, and provide shade so the children can safely play and learn. While identifying potential homes, they will also speak with the families that reside in them about the opportunity to participate in the LR program and become a Cook and a Pond host. 

When the Chad team decides on a zone after considering all of the above, they will sit with the community and discuss the launch of the LR program in their zone and raise awareness on the importance of early childhood education and development. 

“Hello dears, I want to share with you some photos of the homes that we have visited, for the new Ponds” – Refugee Leader on the Chad Team

The following steps our team will take are constructing the Ponds and recruiting women to participate in the first teacher training. iACT’s US-based staff and volunteers are eager to join our Chad team to provide the rest of the materials required for the teacher training and two LR Ponds! We will keep you updated as the Chad team continues on this exciting journey!


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