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Call for Black and/or African Illustrator for iACT’s Early Education Programs

iACT is currently seeking an Illustrator to assist with illustrating, digitizing and constructing a children’s book for the Little Ripples and Global Citizens Early Childhood Education Programs. We are intentionally seeking a Black and/or African illustrator, and would most prefer someone with lived experience as a refugee. 

About Little Ripples & Global Citizens 

Little Ripples – Little Ripples is an innovative, early childhood education program that trains and employs refugee women to support the social-emotional, cognitive, and physical development of children ages 3 to 5 through play-based learning. 

Global Citizens – This unique program connects pre-K and K students with their peers in Darfur refugee camps who attend our Little Ripples preschool centers. Global Citizens helps the students develop compassion, understanding, and global ambassadorship through interactive lesson plans and partnership. 

Learn more about Little Ripples and Global Citizens Early Childhood Programs.

About the Book 

The book is a story about two young girls, one who attends a Little Ripples school in a refugee camp in Chad, and one who attends a Global Citizens partner school in California. The story follows the journey that brings these two young girls together. 

Process & Expectations 

  1. Assist in brainstorming illustration concepts alongside iACT team members and Refugee leaders

  2. Work alongside Refugee leaders to incorporate artwork from children in the Little Ripples programs in Chad

  3. Provide draft of illustrations for review by Refugee leaders

  4. Digitize final illustrations and work alongside iACT team members to transfer them into a printable book format

  5. Open to exploring compensation?


  1. Ability to illustrate age and culturally appropriate illustrations for a children’s book

  2. Ability to use software to digitize illustrations 

Interested Illustrators should reach out to Danielle Kercher via email at


Help iACT continue to do what it does best:

Support refugees in the forgotten corners of the world through soccer and preschool.

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