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To make something small, stronger

“In this training we learned so many things that will contribute to changing our community.” — Hawa

Diana and the other 14 men and women who completed their first Little Ripples teacher training with iACT today spoke to the importance of peace for their community. As we reflected on the previous days of training and all that they learned, the refugee teachers shared how Little Ripples has provided them new knowledge and information on how to grow peace in the classroom with young children and in their community.

“This training has been very important for us, and the students. It showed us how to be in a society in peace, helping each other, and sharing what we have.” — Diana

As a trainer, these conversations are rewarding. We spend our days talking, listening, practicing, and wondering how much of Little Ripples is sinking in—not just the facts, the structure, the games—but the incredible opportunity they have as teachers of early childhood care and development to directly impact the daily experiences of young children growing up in a refugee camp, the health of entire families, and resilience of their community.

As training participant and teacher Deo said, “Little Ripples is to make something small, stronger.”


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